Thursday, July 02, 2009

Giving and Receiving


Okay so I had a birthday and kept it quiet and simple.  My sister made the cutest little cake that was delicious as well as cute, and we went out to dinner with the whole gang.  It was a very fun time had by all.  Thanks Philina!


Today we spent some time in my garden harvesting squash and planting beans.  The tomatoes are doing fine, but just not turning red yet.  With all the heat that we are having this week though they should be turning any day now.  I am most happy with the flowers in the garden.  One of my favorites vignettes I accidentally made was to combine some Versailles Cosmos with a  Blue Spires sage.  Nice combinations seem to happen by accident in my garden.  I just plant anything that is new to me to try it out and see what it does.  I have a lot of different varieties of upright Phlox.  I am noticing that sage really doesn’t shop in this picture, that seems to happen a lot with blue in the garden though I could really use a photography class.


I also have some flowers that seem to come from no where.  I forget that I planted them then they make an appearance and bloom as if to say “Remember Me!”.  One of those was this true Geranium I believe it is Rozanne.   It is mostly white with the tiniest little blue streaks looking as if they were painted on by some little flower fairy. 

Now to see if I can get some sewing and cooking worked into my day!  We are going to make a Blueberry Pie, Cucumber salad and maybe even some tapioca pudding!  Guess I should put on that new apron I made!

Speaking of aprons…I tried to give away some aprons or patterns for the Paying it Forward thing I am taking part in, but since I got no response I am going to pick a few recipients that I think are deserving of nice surprise and I will let you know who I gave to that way no one feels obligated to have to repay the favor.  The apron pattern I am using for the give away was designed by Barbara Brandeburg.   I made one apron so far and it was a fun and simple project so I can’t wait to whip up a few more!

May your day be full of pleasant surprises!


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Sherri said...

Happy Birthday! The cake looks great!