Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Linger Longer Lodge


We visited the charming home of our new neighbor on our last visit to Shingletown.  They actually live in the town of Viola in a 100 year old log cabin.  Their home was so inspiring and absolutely beautiful in a simple kind of way.  Irena has found a way to garden in conditions that I wouldn’t have thought possible.  You can see the love and time that she has thoughtfully put into her landscape.  She has many challenges to work with too…deer, gophers, giant redwood trees and snow, lots of it.  For her the snow season is just about to start, yet on the day we were there she still had beautiful dinner plate dahlia’s in full bloom.  She told us how she transplants dogwood trees and foxgloves from other places on the property to places in her yard where she can enjoy them. 


Not only was her yard lovely, but her cooking was just as wonderful.  She couldn’t let us leave without serving up a helping of borscht she had just made and boy was it delicious much to my surprise.  I had never been much of a fan of beets until Michael started cooking them for me.  Those Ukrainians know what to do with beets.  So when I plant my next vegetable garden I will be including a row for beets!

IMG_1442 IMG_1435 IMG_1440 IMG_1441

Thanks for your wonderful hospitality and for welcoming us into your neighborhood!  Neighbors like this really make you feel like you are home!

Ferne & Michael