Friday, November 13, 2009

My New Sewing Suite


I am starting to feel settled into our new home and having a sewing area set up helps.  I was going to turn the guest room into a sewing room, but once the bed was in there wasn’t enough room.  It does have an extra large closet though so that became the space to store most of my sewing supplies.  I have to share with the fisherman and it is working just fine. 

IMG_1490 He built me shelves and now thinks he needs some of his own.  I am sewing in the living room by a window with a wonderful view of our yard.  The added bonus is sewing in the same room with the wood stove burning and the TV is on, but behind me.  Turns out the guest room gets pretty cold so to save on heating costs we are closing the door to that room.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I like to change things often so who knows, maybe I will make the guest room the sewing room in the Spring.  For now though I am completely happy with the current set up.  The fisherman though is eyeing the little desk I am using for himself as a fly tying station and says he wants to buy me a real sewing table.  I think he is thinkingIMG_1505 that the machine would be put away sometimes and it would look nicer in the living room.  Hmmmm, I am not too sure how often it would be put away, but if he wants to buy me a sewing table I won’t stop him.  In looking at sewing tables though I just have one question…how do you make room for ironing?  I use a  little folding ironing board that I can pull out and put away easily.  It is large enough for most things.  Now I am opening the desk on my hutch and putting the ironing board on it then I can fold it up when not in use and tuck the board along the side. 

IMG_1506This is my current sewing area and it is working for me, but I do think there will be changes in the future.  Oh and a picture of my first project made just for me.  I was inspired by some hot pads I saw on Patchwork Pottery’s blog.  I figured out a way to make them quilt as you go so they went together really quick and easy.  I raided my scrap bins for all the fall colors.  We really needed hot pads so this project was kind of a necessity and they are very useful.  I layered 2 layers of batting with a layer of Insulbrite in between so they are thick, but not too thick,  and will not get too hot .

Sew on…


Monday, November 09, 2009

Settling In

We are getting settled into our new home after a very busy past few weeks.  We had family visit last week even though we didn’t have much in the way of furniture yet.  It was actually quite comfortable and a good time was had by all.  There was the cutest little pregnant girl, my little sister, (who is expecting twins!),

IMG_1462 IMG_1466

her husband, Craig, our Dad and Mercy helping out with cooking and cleaning.  We managed quite well with what we had on hand and played a lot of Mexican Train Dominoes.  Watching the deer run around the back yard and smelling the smoke from neighbors burning on burn days made it feel like camping in a house.  Tonight we are enjoying sitting by the fire ourselves, which is nice since it is about 35 degrees outside.  We even managed to fit in a short fishing trip today…the first of many I’m sure.

IMG_1468We have been tackling all the home improvement projects a little at a time and seem to be moving right a long at a steady pace.  I have even tried my hand at texturing a wall with a sea sponge and I have to say it did come out pretty nice.

It took some real team work, but we have even got all the Hunter Douglas blinds hung.  There were 3 sliding doors and one window.   One of the sliding doors was a real challenge because it was 14 feet long so we saved that one for last and by then we were pros.  We are loving the way they look and function and they really do seem to be keeping the warmth in which is very much appreciated at the moment.  The nice thing about the blinds we chose is that they have a sheer fabric around them that lets a lot of light in when the blinds are in the open position, but gives you a lot of privacy in the closed position.  They say that they are easy to clean with just a vacuum…I’m sure we’ll be checking that feature out in the near future.

IMG_1485  IMG_1482

Finally I can get to the project I have been waiting patiently for and that is organizing and setting up my sewing area.  I started today and Michael even built me some shelves in the extra large closet we have.  It looks like it is all going to fit with room to spare.  Now to get to those sewing projects so I can have some sewing and crafting to write about on this blog!  There are lots of great ideas out there for the upcoming holidays and the quilt store nearby has lots of classes and free sewing days coming up that I can’t wait to get to.  I have no shortage of ideas!

Thanks to all our friends and family who stuck by our sides and helped us move and settle into our new home.  Now they can all come and visit and see why we chose Shingletown for our new home, only not all at once, please.

Enjoy the special days coming up and make some wonderful memories!