Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Project Therapy

Well, work has been quite hectic and I am in need of some project therapy sometimes that involves gardening and sometimes sewing or painting. Lately I am thinking of trying some new kinds of projects. It is my nature though to try to finish the projects I have started before moving on to something new so I have finished my bag and almost finished the bag that was a surprise for someone special. I hope my Mom will enjoy using it for something fun! I still have to add the zipper and get it off in the mail (hopefully that will be accomplished this week).

Some new projects I am hoping to try are tatting and applique. I have ordered supplies and a book for the tatting. Most of the supplies have arrived from a site I found on the web called the Be-Stitched Store. I am anxious to get started, just waiting on the shuttles that didn't find their way into my package though I have been assured that they are making their way to me pronto. I am also wanting to try my hand at applique and have just found a wonderful site that links to a video with some great tips and some books by Beth Ferrier. Can't wait to get started and am even thinking up some ideas for a tea themed quilted table topper. This idea was inspired by some fabric I just received from the Fat Quarter shop by Susan Branch called Tea Party. I also bought a plain Jelly Roll thinking it could come in handy and now wish I had also gotten some solid colored fat quarters for applique and embroidering some blocks with tea pots and tea balls and tea cups...I'll have to post more on this idea as it emerges for now it is still a work in progress that is slowly making its way from my head to paper and hasn't gotten to a fabric stage yet. I may need some of Beth's books for tips on how to get it all on fabric...hmmm...the wheels are still turning...maybe I can even work some tatting into this and it will be a project of 'new to me' projects!

I'm glad that I have my projects to help me get past the difficult times in other areas of my life!

P. S. That Susan Branch is always a step ahead I just found a pattern for almost exactly what I was thinking about on her website for free no less! the pattern is 24 pages long and full of recipes and folklore...Thank you Susan, this is so thoughtful! I will be downloading this and tweeking it a bit with some of my own ideas. Love the inspiration you can find on the internet!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Life is Good!

Well, I'm finally finding a little time to blog. Work has been really busy with the occasional nice Spring weather making people want to garden. Then to add to the busy days we moved. We just moved to a bigger apartment a block away, but it was still hard. We are all settled in though and getting use to the new place. I even started sewing a few projects. My current bag has a zipper that is just about to burst so I am working on a new bag for 'me'! Yeah! I am also working on another bag for someone special.

As always at this time of year I also have a lot to work on at my garden and am planning on spending a good part of Thursday pulling, planting, spraying and fertilizing...oh, and of course, watering...at my garden plot. Things are looking good there, but I have a few changes to make and some weeds to pull. I'll try to post some pictures after. I haven't had a chance to do a 'Green Thumb Sunday' post for a while so maybe I will have something for that this week.

One of my favorite things in my new place is that we have a little window above the kitchen sink. I didn't realize how much I have missed that. The down side is that I am looking into all my neighbors little kitchen windows, but there is a beautiful Japanese maple in the court yard below so that helps make a nice view. I have already placed a few nick nacks that I had packed away and am enjoying be able to look at them everyday. The other nice feature of this apartment is a real laundry room with lots of shelves. We took no time filling up those shelves and are enjoying the uncluttered feeling it gives the rest of the place.

All in all...life is good!