Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Machine is Smokin’

  It was 110 degrees today outside and  just as hot inside.  No really, the air conditioner was on and it was very comfortable so I was cutting and piecing a very special project for my Son and his future wife and my machine was on fire.

IMG_2456I have been collecting fabrics for months in fall colors since the wedding is on Halloween I even have some fun Halloween prints.  I have played with so many possibilities on EQ6 that my head was spinning, but last week I went on a trip to spend some time with my sister and her baby boys and we took a trip to a quilt store that was making a change in IMG_2457ownership so they were clearing out a lot of merchandise.  One of their sales was 50% off all books, so I loaded up!  What fun I had!  The boys were very patient with me and well behaved and we all had a great time.  They are precious and my sister is an amazing Mom.  I only wish we could have had our babies together because I could have learned a lot from her.  I don’t know if you can read the tee shirt on Brody, the top picture, but it says “SAVE Energy Take a Nap”, words to live by for sure!

IMG_2479 I love when you are working on a project and all the pieces just come together beautifully and fit so perfectly like it was meant to be.  Well, that is how this project is going so far.  Once I decided on a pattern I found in one of the books I bought and it all made sense.  I have been seeing this on a lot of  blogs lately also.  It is a double hour glass, and I was able to use the fabrics I had been collecting in such fun and interesting combinations and I think it will all look great with a 2 inch black border.  Next to decide on the outer border and the backing, but for now I am really liking my progress.

When it gets hot, get quilting!