Friday, July 13, 2012

Body Double

IMG_0792 Tomato season has begun!  I really have been busy in the garden and at the make a dress form of your body with duct tape...gotta have one!nursery and I have a tan to prove it.  Not much in the way of sewing though.  I could really use two of me right now just to do all the things I would like to get done.  I am working on sewing a summer dress, but it might be winter before I am done.  I always want to change the pattern and then it involves a lot of extra work in figuring out how to make my changes work, but I think that is where I learn the most.  I was thinking that a mannequin of my body would be so helpful and thanks to Pinterest I found a website that tells you great directions for making one using duct tape, I think I might have to give this a try!  The directions are on the Threads magazine websiteBeautiful Dresses made from vintage sheets  Great idea!Now if I could just create another me that easily I’d be in business!

I also found a blog by a girl that is going by the blog name of ‘naughty shorts!’ She is making some lovely dresses out of vintage sheets…another idea I am loving, now to find some sheets and some time.  I can’t help but think how soft and comfortable a dress like this would be, maybe better than an old pair of jeans.

Working in a nursery has brought me in contact with lots of people growing lots of different things and the wealth of information we can bring each other has been very rewarding.  Unfortunately the nursery I am currently working at is about to close, the owner does own another wonderful nursery and that might be my future job location, but for now I am focusing on closing this one and enjoying the company of the many customers I have gotten to know along with the companionship of my fellow employees that have become good friends and confidants. It will be hard to say good-bye to both, but I will hope to see them all in the future and share some more tips and just ‘life’ with them all.

Life is good!