Friday, March 12, 2010

Pieces of My Life

IMG_1901 I have not been able to do much sewing with fabric in the past few weeks, but I am working on different pieces of my life.  I have a long list of blogs on the left side of this blog that I love to keep up with.  These are all blogs that have inspired me once, twice or more and keep inspiring in one way or another almost daily.  I admire people that find the time and material to blog about almost daily.  My life keeps me away from the computer sometimes for long blocks of time so I will probably not ever be able to be that inspiring, but I still have tidbits to share from time to time.  And it looks like I will probably be going back to work in a few weeks full time so that will also be cutting into my sewing and blogging time, but I will still be dropping by from time to time to share the pieces of my life.

IMG_1851 When the weather is nice you can most always find me out gardening or fishing with my best friend.  Recently I have even been spotted driving a tractor and plowing the field beside our house, yes that is me in this picture and that was a lot of fun!  But, if it is rainy like today you would probably find me inside sewing or baking sometimes with my best friend.  Today we had thunder, lightening and IMG_1899 lots of hail so we baked bread together…yum… and watched the rain come down.  We did manage to take a walk in the garden and pick a few really fancy daffodils.  They are a double variety with no fragrance, but very pretty.  They remind me that Spring is on its way even though it is still acting like Winter.

IMG_1897One reason that I have not done much sewing this week is that I spent a few days visiting my baby sister who just gave birth to 2 of the sweetest little boys, well running a close race with my 2 boys who are now in their 20’s.  Today is her birthday and I think she probably received the best gift of her life last week as an early birthday present.  Her husband has his birthday on Sunday, so from now on March is the Abbott family birthday month!  What a blessed little family!  I enjoyed spending a few days just watching these little bundles sleep and eat and I even changed a few diapers.  I am looking forward to many more visits with all of them.

Keep piecing with all the materials of Life ~