Saturday, October 06, 2012

A Big Ironing Board

IMG_1005I am about ready to start quilting a big quilt and I like to iron the backing and front before I start, but it’s always a challenge with my ironing board.  I was IMG_1007inspired by several bloggers who had created large ironing surfaces and on my last trip to Home Depot a light went on when I saw an MDF board that measured 2’X4’ for only $10.  A while back I bought a small plastic folding table to put behind my sewing table when I am quilting large quilts to give me more sewing space and support the weight of the quilt, this MDF fits on top of the table perfectly.  I covered it with insulbrite and a nice piece of fabric I had that matches my sewing machine perfectly.  I sewed them together and IMG_1008pinned the corners to the backside, I might use velcro later so that I can take it off and wash it when I inevitably get something on it.   What I love the most is that when I am piecing I can use a small area and still keep  my supplies close at hand and then move them when I need more space.    Then when I get to the big quilting projects I can pull out my machine and move the whole table behind my table and it serves double duty.  I can also fit my fabric storage underneath so everything I need is close at hand.  I IMG_1010have all this set up in the little area behind my couch in my living room and it is working out quite well. 

Recently I acquired an old buffet that needed some refinishing and we got that job done, moved it in the house and I wasted no time filling it up with more of my sewing supplies which meant that I had to go through everything and sort and organize.  Now I am feeling really ready for some snow days spend sewing and I think being so organized will really be conducive to finishing up some of the big projects that have been on hold.

IMG_1012This is the buffet that lead me to get organized.  I bought it about 30 years ago and lost possession of it for several years, but so glad to have it back and looking beautiful.  Next I need to make a nice quilted topper to protect the top and wrap it in love.  It is now loaded with fabric and quilt projects.

Loving my comfy sewing space…