Friday, August 17, 2012

Pieces of Glass

IMG_0868Well, I haven’t been doing much piecing on the sewing machine, but I did do a fun project yesterday with my Dad.  We had boards in our patio that were rotting and creating enough space to actually trip you or catch the hose so it was time to tackle this project.  My Dad worked with concrete for many years and is now retired, but came out of retirement for a day to help me with this project.  After we dug out all the rotting wood which was really easy since it was rotten and cleaned all the crevices real well, we mixed small batches of mortar in the wheel barrel IMG_0869and added some colorant to it.  Then he filled the cracks with the mortar and leveled them out and I followed close behind with a tray of beach glass that we had collected on a few trips to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California.  I also added a few of my favorite broken dishes.  It sure brought back some good memories and now instead of sitting in a box in the garage we can look at them every day as we make our way to the garden or the garage.  It was a fun project and I will also have the added memory of having worked on this project with my Dad. IMG_0853

  We had some other really fun company the week before…my one year old grandson came up with his Dad and spent a few days with me while my son was doing some painting for me and some fishing with his brother.  I had not had much time in the past to spend with Eli so we made up for lost time by digging potatoes,IMG_0850 picking strawberries and cooling him off in a wagon full of water.  I’m not sure who had a better time him or me.  Eli is quite the helper and he loves the Swiffer, so all my plants got a good cleaning, too.   The weather was a bit on the hot side so I mostly let him run around in just a diaper and we spent a lot of time playing with water.  Eli surprised me when he showed me the IMG_0860best way to cool off was to just douse yourself over the head with the hose.   Such a fun few days!  I’m not sure who had the most fun, him or me.  And boy do I miss our fun conversations, he is quite a talker.

Oogle-oogle Eli!  I think it means  ”Love you!” and he said it a lot.

Life is good~sewing time will make it even better soon!