Friday, September 29, 2006

The Catch of the Trip

Here we are with the biggest catch of the trip. We caught these in the Walker River. They were farmed trout that had been fed a special diet and stocked the night before we caught them for a company the paid for them so that their employees could have a successful fishing trip. I don't know how they did, but we did well! The fish are delicious too. The meat is pink and tastes just like salmon! We aren't sharing these unless you come by for dinner.
Native Brown Trout

Small though he was, he was large on color. We let him go so that he could grow up a bit more.
Michael makes a catch on 2 lures that are as big as the fish. We were surprised at the little fish that were biting the big lures, but this one actually got 2! Crazy...we did unhook him and let him go...hopefully he found something real to eat.
Caples Lake

The sky was such a beautiful blue. Especially after coming from smoggy San Jose. We didn't catch many fish here, but the view was intoxicating.
September, 2006

We went on a little vacation where we spent a few days fishing at lakes and streams along Highway 395 between Minden and Bridgeport. This is a picture of me at Twin Lakes which is at the back side of Yosemite. I am wearing my Frog Toggs, very stylish for a fisherwoman don't you think?