Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Peaceful Place


We took a little trip last week to revisit Shingletown.  It is such a comfortable and peaceful little town.  We hiked and fished and visited a couple of nurseries, both owned by the same owner.  They were both very nicely set up and the staff was very friendly.  One was in Red Bluff and aptly named Red Bluff Garden Center.  I saw this fountain there that I really enjoyed…it has a bit of a European look.  It is not really as big as it looks, but the display really shows it off and it makes such a nice quiet trickling sound.  I will be keeping this in mind for future reference.  The second nursery was Wyntour Gardens in Redding.  It was a bit bigger then Red Bluff, but just as nice with a friendly and helpful staff.  I didn’t take any pictures here, I guess I was too busy taking it in.  They had an amazing pottery display and carried a lot of the same plants we carry in our nursery even from some of the same growers we order from.  It is nice to see how the same items can be displayed so differently.  They had a large potting area that they even allow customers to pot their own pots in so that they don’t have to make a mess at home.  Now that is customer service!

IMG_1108_edited-1Hiking to Lake Nora and Lake Grace also brings a similar peaceful feeling and we felt right at home there, so comfortable with our surroundings.  We couldn’t believe how blue the sky looked at Lake McCumber.  It just seems to blend into the water.  You have a view of Mt. Lassen from most anywhere in Shingletown it kind of reminds me of growing up in Colorado, we could always see Pikes Peak.  I remember just IMG_1175staring at it and feeling totally aware of the presence of God all around me.  I don’t go to a church regularly, but feel like I am in a different kind of church when I am out in such naturally beautiful places such as these.

There are little streams all over Shingletown.  Some are seasonal and some are always running.  I think they are fed by snow meltIMG_1187, but I have so much to learn about this place and hope we can spend a lot more time there in the future.  I would love to take more hikes enjoying scenes like these a long the way.   It is amazing the landscaping that nature does so seamlessly and we all struggle with.  I think we could all learn a few lessons here.


I was also enjoying the individual flowers that just come up from seed planted by God himself.  Some we sell in our nursery, but none do better than when they come up naturally in nature.  The colors are so intense and every petal is so perfectly placed. IMG_1203 

Well, I haven’t really don’t much sewing lately, but I would say that I have been gathering inspiration from nature.  What a great place to be inspired.  Now I am off to work to see if I can inspire a few people or put some of this to good use!



Have a lovely day!



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