Sunday, June 08, 2008

Side Tracked

While thinking about the tea party quilt idea with the Susan Branch fabrics I got side tracked when I stumbled upon a pattern by The Quilt Company called Thyme to Water. They give the measurements of your block after each step which is very helpful since there are several pieces and well, get one wrong and the whole block could go wonky on you.. It was meant to be a block of the month quilt, but I bought all the block patterns at once and they mailed them to me very quickly. I couldn't wait to get started so within a week of seeing them on the internet I have already finished 2 of the 6 blocks. I am using up my stash and boy are they fun to do. The directions are so clear and precise. These blocks were so fun to do I have already got block 3 cut out and can't wait to get home from work tonight so that I can start it. They have mixed in a little embroidery and applique into each block. I have found a stitch I like on my machine that I am using for the applique and it is going quickly.

Have a great day!


Ivory Spring said...

I absolutely love those quilt blocks - so charming and creative!

You have a nice blog! :)

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Ferne,

Thanks for the lovely comment with the advice on the roses you have left on my blog.

I went to your garden blog, and it looks fabulous!!! How do you manage to keep both blogs running so seamlessly?

Would it be okay with you for me to add your blog to my blogroll?

Have a wonderful weekend!