Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Amazing People

People who amaze me are people who create and give and keep smiling. I have found many of these people through out my life and have struggled to be one of them, but it has been difficult at times for me to find whatever it is that keeps them going and calm. I think the calmness is the key do we keep a balance in our lives that will help us to get through the tough times? I stumbled across a blog today of a young lady who seems to have such balance and a massive amount of creative energy. She weaves her own cloth and then makes things with the fabric she weaves. She is also very artistic and has written a cookbook which she is selling in her Etsy shop the cookbook is called Daily Fiber and she has done some wonderful illustrating in it. If you check out her blog you will want her cookbook because she has lots of pictures of food that she cooks and it all looks so healthy and beautiful...we should all eat like this all the time. I am glad that there are people out there who can inspire me even if I don't take the same path as they do, it is nice to know it is possible to have that balance and something to always be striving for. Maybe just the process of striving for something you know you want to obtain in your life is enough, because once you get it...then what?

I will have to keep adding to this blog bits about the people who inspire me. Actually everyone on my blog roll inspires me on the internet then there are lots of people in my life that have inspired me in one way or another.

Inspire someone today!

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Tina Grecchi said...

Dear Ferne,

It's such a delight to hear such a positive reaction to my work, thank you so much!! You are kindness itself, and made my day bright!

Your abundant gardens and needlework inspires me greatly- I can only dream of having gardens as lush as yours! One day soon, I hope.

I've just graduated from art school where I majored in Fibers. My goal now is to take what I've learned one step further and work on farms to have a full, personal understanding of where my material comes from. I hope to have my hand in all that I make, from start to finish, and set up a fiber garden of my own soon... with delicious veggies and herbs as well!

I hope you have a truly beautiful day, and thrive in all that you do!