Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Thyme to Water

These little quilt blocks have been so fun to do. I have the five watering cans all finished. This one will be in the center. I think I may have put the spout up to high though because it is coming a little too close to the edge of the block so I might have to rip that off and redo it. I like this machine method a lot because it is easy and is looking really nice I just hope that when I wash it won't fall apart. I used Wonder Under on it and it feels pretty well stuck down so I'm not sure that I will be able to move that spout...hmmm...anyway. The flower on this block is two layers of fabric and is only sewn on in the center of each petal so it is left a little loose and has a three dimensional look. The picket fence part was a little complicated, but if I were to do it over I think I have an idea to make it simpler.

The bee hive went together pretty easily only I guess I reversed the stripes on my bee so he has a yellow head and black stripes instead of a black head and yellow stripes...oh well I guess that makes him mine. I had to change the blocks that went on the top of the watering can in the white because they were in two small pieces and I couldn't get them lined up at all so I change the whole thing to a 3" block and cut it into one triangle and then it went on smoothly. I think the spout on this one looks the wrong color, but I am trying to put some of that red in each block because I am planning to use it on one of the borders later. I thought it would help tie it all together later.

This last block was my favorite. I played around with the stitches on my machine and used one on the top handle with a variegated thread. It was quite fun. In the pattern they have the patch I put in the center hanging from the handle with a string, but I liked it in the center of the quilt block.

The cutest part I think was the suggestion they made to use snaps for the pour spout holes. these girls thought of so many things to make this quilt fun to do and to look at. Next I have 4 flower blocks to make. They are all the same so that is my challenge...to not get bored doing the same thing over and over. Maybe I will have to play with making all the flowers different some how.

So that is the update on Thyme to Water...more to come!


Ivory Spring said...

Hi Ferne,

Those blocks are absolutely darling!!! I am curious as to what pattern you are using...

I can't wait to see your flower blocks. If they are as cute as the watering cans, I am sure they will be just as charming!

Have a great evening.

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Ferne,

I just saw your question asking about the Stitch Regulator for Janome. I don't think there is one for Janome. I know that Bernina owns the patent for that feature for home machine. So, I think for now, only the newer Bernina machines have that feature.