Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Sewing Education

I am still working on the table runner from the Easy Quilts magazine and it has been anything but easy. The reason though is my own doing. I should get into a sewing class somewhere and learn from the pros, but I am teaching myself with books and information I pick up on the internet. The best lessons though have been from hands on learning which means I have to do things wrong a time or two and sometimes three...the seam ripper and I are getting to know each other very well. I have decided to keep a notebook in my sewing basket to log down information on each of my projects and what worked or didn't. The list for this little project is long...things I should have known like always quilt with your walking foot or you will get puckers. I made several changes to this the biggest one being the size, this is where I learned my biggest lesson...MEASURE, MEASURE and MEASURE again! I was running low on some fabrics and didn't want to go buy more for an experimental project so I made some changes and ended up having to re-cut the middle a couple of times.

One thing I played with on this project that worked out really well was using different colors of thread for the quilting. My back side was a light yellow gingham and quite plain so I used green thread on the stems of the flowers and a red to quilt the flowers. This was my first try at freehand stitching...well I'm calling it that since I did circles in each flower. I do like the way this looks on the back side.

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