Thursday, February 07, 2008

Add to the Stash

I'm sure this is not anything I really needed to do, but it did feel good none the less. I went to a birthday sale at a nearby quilt shop and they were selling fat quarters for 98 cents each so I couldn't help, but to add the stash. Now I feel like I have more fabric to paint with. Can't wait to see what I come up with. These colors are looking like Spring!

We had a meeting at my community garden a few weeks ago to discuss the look of the garden. Many of the occupants were putting up fences with padlocks to protect their gardens from theft. It was looking horrendous in my opinion, nothing like a community garden should look. We all have a common garden and grow produce and flowers for our personal use and satisfaction. I really don't think there is any reason to be stealing from one another or to create barracades to keep each other out. It was voted by a majority ruling that the fences should come down and that we should all be watching out for each other and acting more like a community. I am pleased with the outcome and can't wait to see if we are successful at coming together and taking care of each other as a community should. Perhaps this will be a good lesson in awareness for us all. this picture is how the garden was looking at my last visit 2 weeks ago...let's hope that I have a much more pleasant picture to show in the weeks to come.