Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Finiished WIP

I finished the apron quilt and have to say it was a really fun project. I loved working with these fabrics and the aprons were easy and fun to put together. Most of the fabric is from Michael Miller. I keep finding myself drawn to the yellow, red and green combination. They seem like such happy colors. I was originally going to finish the back with all green, but they ran out of the fabric and weren't going to be carrying it anymore so I did a little creative piecing and had fun with the back. It is far from perfect, but then it is only my second quilt and matching up mitered corners on the front and the back was sure difficult. Now back to work on the fishing quilt. Hope I can report progress on that soon!

Tomorrow is my fisherman's birthday! Happy Birthday, Michael! He is always a busy little housekeeper so I got him a new vacuum, now he can really clean up! What a lucky girl I am...not sure who the gift will benefit more...both of us I hope. Now we just need some better weather so he can get out of the house and go fishing then he will truly happy no matter how old he feels.

My little happy homemaker made me the most delicious veal parmesean for dinner the other night and we were laughing at how we were eating this beautiful dish on the coffee table with Little Caesar napkins and reading Victoria magazine. It somehow so represents our lifestyle at the moment. We are always trying to enjoy the finer things a little while we make do with what we have. I even pulled out my good glasses for this meal. The table is currently my sewing area so there has not been room to eat there. We also used the coffee table the next day as a potting table to transplant our tomato seedlings. We wrote about that in our other blog...Growing Thymes. When life gives you lemons make lemonade!


Knot Garden said...

Your apron quilt is so cute. I love the aprons and the colours, and the back is as lovely as the front!

Anna-Flowergardengirl said...

Promise to keep on the quilting discipline track when I get moved. I have so many unfinished ideas. Here you have the fish quilt and apron one done. I'm so jealous. I love them both. My dh cleans for me and has been getting me dinner every night. We are trying not to stink up the house while trying to sell it. And.. we eat anywhere in the house. If it's summer, we eat outside!! If there is a good movie on--we eat in our living room great aunt would kill me. She was always a strictly an at the table manners and all. I've failed her.

Anna said...

Ferne--I love your header.