Monday, January 28, 2008

The Best Kind of Help

I had an opportunity a while a go to take Nathan to my garden. We had gone fishing in the morning with Andy and when we got back Nathan was out of school so I took him to the garden to plant some of the fish we caught that were too small to eat. He had a great time digging the holes and planting the fish then he was on a search for carrots. Unfortunately there weren't any ready for eating. I showed him my little patch and let him see what the leaves looked like. Then pulled a few to show him the roots and how they are just starting to turn orange. I need to plant some more carrot seeds whenever it will stop raining for a little while...or maybe I will just go out in the rain and do it then I can let God water them in for me. I loved seeing my garden through the eyes of a child again and remembering that we adults have so much to share with them so we must make the time. He did learn about stinging nettle though while he was searching for carrots at the end of every leafy thing so I had to teach him that there are some things we learn to not touch without gloves.

On the subject of fish...we finally bought our fish a new home (really Michael did). They are so happy to be able to actually swim around. They were cramped in a little 10 gallon tank and now they have 40 gallons of space to swim in. It looks beautiful too!

I have not been doing a whole lot of sewing lately, but I did start working on a throw that I am calling 'the fish blanket'. I am using several different fish prints and some plaids to make a more masculine looking quilt. I think I will back it with flannel. I am making the pattern up from several ideas I have seen and trying to keep it simple. It is mostly in the planning stages now though I did cut a lot of it and sewed a few rows. I will post a picture when I have more to show. The apron quilt is at a stand still right now because when I went to get the backing fabric they didn't have enough and said that they wouldn't be getting more of that print so I am going to check a few other places or I might use some of the other fabrics from the top to do something fun with the back...still contemplating that one.

The weather here is very rainy with no end in sight so work is slow and we can't go to the garden or go fishing. I guess it is time to rent some movies, go to the library and do a little sewing! Maybe even some baking...hmmm! I can always find things to do...take care!

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