Saturday, August 25, 2007

Old Film holds forgotten memories

I had a roll of film in my 35mm camera that was put aside when we got the digital camera so I pulled it out, finished up the film and got it developed. It's funny how I forgot what all was on there, but was so glad to see these pictures. There was a fishing trip that I hadn't remembered even taking the camera there, but so glad I did! My 49th birthday when we went to Copia and ate a wonderful meal at Julia's Kitchen...see I love Julia Child and she is the inspiration for this restaurant. They sat us at the counter where we watched the talented chefs prepare every dish for us. Everything was so precisely placed on the plate and the flavors were out of this world delicious. I don't remember what I ordered, but I do remember that I loved every bite! I am so glad that I have this picture of my by a bigger than life painting of Julia.

Then there were the pictures of some of last years tomato harvest which really look a lot like this years harvest, but some of the pictures were so great I am considering blowing them up for hanging in the kitchen. They definitely inspire me! I especially like the one in the center though love the shape of those black plum tomatoes (wish I could remember their real name). I love tomatoes as you can tell from my blog and every year vow to only grow 8 plants, but always end up with at least 20. We have been making sauces and salsas and tomatoes stuffed with tuna and added with squash to a couple casseroles. Yesterday Michael made a dish with polenta, tomatoes, squash and peppers that was very tasty and I especially enjoyed it after working a long hard day in the heat. It was about 100 degrees and I work outside all day watering plants and sometimes myself. But, today I am off and trying to think of something creative to make with all the fabrics and new purse patterns I have recently aquired. I will have to post about them later! They are very fun.

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