Monday, August 20, 2007

Mary Jane's Farm Garlic

While surfing the web this morning I went to a wonder blog called Not Quite June Cleaver which led me to Mary Janes Farm. Both sites are full of homemade ideas. Mary Jane's is actually more of a store, but a lot of fun things are there including some very nice Mary Jane's (shoes by Danko). Check out both sites and see what I mean.

I thought this looked like an interesting way to grow garlic in a small space like mine. Am wondering if it matters what kind of garlic you use. I think I might just give it a try since I got 4 new varieties of garlic coming in at the nursery soon so I will try to remember to post on how it does in the months to come. I would have really loved the idea of being a FarmGirl about 20 years ago. Now that is too late for me to start living that lifestyle because I just don't have the energy though I can still use a lot of the ideas. I would still like a very small farm with a few chickens and maybe a goat...a girls gotta dream!

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