Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Something About Summer

IMG_2325  There is just something about summer that draws me away from sewing and blogging for long periods of time.  I am still reading other people’s blogs, but posting to mine…not so much.  It is so hot where I am working – 112 the other day and over 105 most days, so when I get home I am just exhausted.  IMG_2337

On my days off I have been working in my garden most of the time, but last week I actually spent one day fishing on Lake Shasta with my sons and Michael.  It was my older son’s 26th birthday and this was something he really enjoyed.  Just look at that smile on his face!  We had a great   time, saw some great sites and even caught quite a few fish.

IMG_2348Things are growing in my garden with all this heat and we have been harvesting strawberries, but the tomatoes are just getting big and not coloring up yet.  They will probably be ready all at once in a few weeks or less.  The zucchini’s on the other hand are all ready and hard to use up.  We grew Magda, White Lebonese and an eight ball squash.  They are delicious, but I am runninIMG_2346g out of ideas to do with them.  I’ve made several stir frys and a Zucchini Pie (this recipe was from a Pillsbury Bake off winner, follow the link~it’s great!).   I have lots of basil ready and waiting for the tomatoes to be ready…can’t wait for that!

The only sewing I have been working on is to make some cushions for some out door chairs and now I am piecing a simple table cloth to match them. I am going to a  near by SIMG_2368ewing Center to test drive the Janome 6600P today.  It has an Accufeed foot that would be great for quilting and it has lots more stitches than my machine and an automatic thread cutter .  If I get it I will probably keep my Janome DC3050 for taking to classes since it is a nice lightweight size for that.  I have been reading all kinds of things about the 6600 and it sounds like it might have a few problems, but I think the pros out weigh the cons.  I’ll decide after a test drive.  Anyone reading this that has input on this machine please share, I would love to hear reports!

IMG_2358 Summer ~ Gotta love it!



Mom said...

Ferne - Think about freezing some of the zucchini for zucchini bread in the winter.

ferne said...

Mom~I just did that today!