Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Secret Ingredients Shared

IMG_2215 Yesterday I got a package sent with FREE shipping from King Arthur Flour.  In it were some secret ingredients I used in this delicious cake made with their recipe for Lemon Custard Cake which I of course tweaked a bit with great results.  To be fair though I should make it again following their directions to a tee then compare, but I am completely satisfied with my results.  I used the new Mary Ann cake pan that came in this order and the Queen Guinevere Cake Flour and Cake Enhancer.  My secret ingredient though that they didn’t use in the cake was the fiori di sicilia which is an orange/vanilla flavoring that smells divine.   I could wear this as a perfume.  I also added some grated lemon rind and used a lemon pudding mix with some cream cheese added instead of the pastry cream they called for.  We had some fresh blueberries and raspberries on hand to add to the very top, the only thing missing was whipped cream which I some how forgot on my trip to the grocery store.  This was worth turning on the air conditioning so we could turn on the oven for a while…very much worth it!

Check out King Arthurs recipes for some really great ideas then find your secret ingredient that makes it yours!

Shhh!!!  It’s a secret after all…



ivoryspring said...


That looks absolutely heavenly! I hope you have some leftover because I am coming right over for a piece. :)

cedar chests said...

Wow! This is a great opportunity. Thank you for sharing your secret ingredients. I wish I can do it perfectly.