Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tiny Cookie Treasures


IMG_1628 I had so much fun making the tiny Gingerbread Houses that Julie at Tattered Threads and Willing Hands linked to on Not Martha’s Blog.   They are suppose to fit over a mug, but I must have used the wrong measurement because they don’t fit on mine.  They are sure cute though and I had a blast decorating them.  I used to like to do big gingerbread houses, but the cost of all the candy and then we through most of it away after the holiday stopped me from doing it years ago.  These were IMG_1629fairly easy and I already had the frosting made to frost sugar cookies so I  whipped up a batch of gingerbread and went to town creating a little town.  I didn’t have the candies I would have liked to have, but no matter I made do with what I did have and had a blast doing it.  Thanks Julie for the link and thanks Not Martha for the great idea!IMG_1631

  I didn’t stop there…I took another idea I saw on Martha Stewart the other day and put some of my cookies into a big glass jar I found at Target for all of $7.  The fun just keeps on happening and I could keep going, but really it is time to stop myself and get ready to feed the masses that are coming to visit Friday thru Sunday!IMG_1623


Have some fun this holiday season!



Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Your little houses are adorable and your big house...the real one... is sure shaping up nicely! You and the fishermen should be proud of yourselves! Moving and making a place your own is a lot of work and a big helping of creativity thrown in...and you've got both and done a really nice job!

Mom said...

Looks like Christmas has arrived at your house, Ferne