Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Finished Christmas Project

IMG_1604 IMG_1605

I managed to finish a project yesterday, love when that happens!  I actually had made 2 cookie plate crumb catchers for potential gifts then as I looked at my gate table and thought, “It needs a table runner.”  I came up with this idea and am quite please with the results.  I got the cookie plate crumb catcher pattern from Rosebud’s Cottage blog during the 2009 Cross County Quilt Designer's Blog Hop, and luckily I had made them both exactly the same.  It is so much easier to cut two projects out and sew them together at the same time than to do them one at a time.  The star pattern in the center I had printed out ions ago from the McCalls quilt pattern collection.  I have printed lots of these patterns and used them in my Dear Ferne quilt.  I think I actually have 2 of these started in my UFO closet.  If it keeps raining like it has been I should have lots of time to finish some of the projects in that closet, that is if I don’t start new ones.

* Why is it that after you post a picture on the internet you see something that should have been visible right in front of you.  Can you see the mistake in my my runner?  It is not big and really kind of looks intentional so I guess I should just call it that…an intentional mistake.

Today though I will tackle the last room of this house that needs to have wallpaper stripped and get textured and painted.  We already have bought all the light fixtures and towel racks so there is no excuse to wait any longer.  Besides the rainy weather is keeping us stuck inside.  Why is it that the last thing is the hardest to actually get done? 

IMG_1609 IMG_1613

Here is the guest bath that we finished a few weeks ago.  We are very pleased with the results.  We bought the paint solely based on the name, ‘Soft Fern’, and luckily we love it!  I want to use it in our bathroom, but it wouldn’t quite go with the bedroom color so I am using a beige color that we have used other places in the house it is called ‘Everlasting’ and we bought it for its name also.  We had good luck with our paint choices on this project.  We bought them all at a Benjamin Moore store and are quite happy with the way they cover and the lack of fumes was the best part.

IMG_1614 IMG_1615

The pictures above are from the kitchen.  We did the little area around the cupboards with a color called ‘Oregano Spice’ but the bigger wall we used the ‘Everlasting’ to avoid there being too much green.  A good choice I think.  The doorway in the picture above is where you walk from the kitchen to the hallway at the entry so we repeated the ‘Everlasting’ color there, too.  My camera flash makes a lot of glare on that picture, but it is a print from the Royal Hawaiin Hotel by John Kelly who designed menu covers for their restaurant.  It is a fisherman with his catch…the fish or the woman, maybe both!

Happy holidays!  Here’s to many finished projects in the New Year!



Anonymous said...

What a great finish, Ferne! Beautiful.

Dawn said...

Your table runner is gorgeous!