Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Special Visit

I had a nice visit with my family last week. My brother came down from Portland and my Mom and Aunt from Sarasota, Florida. We had a great time and did a lot of eating out along with a trip to Los Gatos, Gilroy, and Chukchansi (for a little gambling). Maude even won a little money! I was so glad to see them. We keep in contact a lot thanks to the Internet, but I had not seen my Mom and Aunt for 9 that is a long time. Unfortunately when they got home hurricane Fay was about to strike and they were evacuated. They spent yet one more night in a hotel. The hurricane fizzled out and didn't leave them with any damage and they are home again safe and sound, but pretty tired! Just a note: the handsome young man each side of the ladies is my available brother...send all inquiries to me and I will forward them on after careful investigation.

While searching through the blogs of my sewing peeps I stumbled upon a post by Pam Kitty Morning that I found very entertaining. She was talking about how her corners don't always meet, I looked at the pictures for the longest time and just couldn't see it. I would hate for her to look that closely at any of my work. I strive to have corners as good as her worst. If I keep sewing at the pace I have been I will be there soon enough!

Keeping the corners together!

Therisa & Ferne

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