Friday, October 05, 2007

All around us

I was just looking through some of the pictures from our hike to Barney Lake a little more than a week ago. It already seems like ions ago, but the beauty of this place will stay in my memory for ever. It was definitely a reminder that there really is a God and his presence is all around us. I am glad that on this day I took the time to see and feel it. Looking at these pictures though reminds me that there is always beauty and proof of God all around and we should look for it every day in the most unexpected places.

This was a little Brook Trout that I caught and released. It was a real treasure for me to be able to pull it from the lake to view for a moment then let it swim away. Luckily I had my camera to quickly snap a picture so I could look at it and remember its beauty even more. I do love some of our modern day technology and all the luxury's that it brings into our lives while some of it I really don't appreciate at all. I guess it is a good thing that we can each choose which of the modern conviences we wish to incorporate into our lives and which we could do without. For example I love my new sewing machine and am feeling torn about if I will ever want to upgrade. It would be nice to have some of the features available on the newer models, but if I have done without this long is it something I really need? These are the questions I asked myself about things like high speed Internet then once I had it I'm not sure I would want to be without it so I keep paying a high monthly fee because I don't want to go back to what I used before.

I'm glad that I have these reminders in the form of a picture that I can put into my screen saver to remind myself to not forget the simple things that will never change or need to be upgraded. All the things that we too soon take for granted and should learn to appreciate on a daily basis. So now every time I let my computer sit still for a few minutes it will flash these reminders on my screen and I will be thankful for both technology and nature and how they can sometimes walk hand in hand and benefit us all.

May I keep growing like this little tree and over time have a firmer understanding of the life that surrounds me.

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