Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sewing Dreams

I have a serious problem…I dream of sewing, I fall asleep most nights with quilt blocks in my head or quilting design possibilities swirling through my mind.  I have been watching Angela Walters videos on Craftsy and last night I stopped as she showed how to quilt swirls, I think there were swirls in my dreams.  My problem is that with summer still in full swing here I am busy at work and busy in the garden when I get home or I am spending too much time on blogs and Pinterest looking at more quilt ideas.  I have stacks of patterns and inspiration that I have printed to work on when things change and I have more quilting time.  Well, the days are getting shorter and my time in the evenings is getting longer and in a few weeks I will drop one day from my work schedule.  I am looking forward to rainy days of doing nothing but stitching away on the ideas in my head.  For now though I do have one finished project to show for it all…I watched a Craftsy video by Joanna Figeroa called Simple Fresh Quilts and figured out how to make her fun dresden block smaller so that I could try making one and turned it into a cute little pot holder.  This also gave me time to spend practicing quilting and also some time spent binding, which I love to do for some reason, and voila a finished project!

IMG_1638 Another time eater these days has been the acquisition of two new kittens.  We went in for one, but couldn’t choose between these two girls and they were sisters so why split them up, we took both.  They are precious and entertain each other very well.  They are about 12 weeks old now and really showing their different personalities.  I’m sure they will be showing up on this blog more in the future.  Their names are Gracie and Maggie and they are crossed Russian Gray with Maine Coon so they will be quite large cats.  They are already climbing the deck railing and going toward the roof and climb every tree they come close to when they escape into the yard.  They are eating constantly and really growing up much to fast.

IMG_1608 IMG_1641

We have had a really nice harvest of Comice pears and figs this year so we sold at a market for our first time this year.  It was fun getting it all together and while we were there we met a lot of neighbors that we had never had a chance to meet before.  This is our little set up with my thrifted frame and my first attempt at using chalkboard paint.


Fall is just around the corner and this year I am ready for it…time to bake and sew!



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sherry said...

stop looking at all the blogs and pinterest..."looking at art is not the same as making art" then there is time for sewing