Saturday, January 23, 2010

No Sew Rainy Day Projects


  There was actually snow on the ground when I got up at 8:00 this morning, but by 10 the rain had pretty much washed it away.  I have had a bit of a longing for Spring and wanting to grow something so I dove into some fun plant related projects today.  I have been known to watch Martha Stewart and am sometimes inspired by her creations.  Yesterday I watched her turn the jar I used at Christmas IMG_1739for a cookie scene into a terrarium and I really wanted to make one, but going to the nursery in the snow was not on my agenda so I went searching my yard for mosses to put in my terrarium.  I had so much fun walking around my own yard in the rain!  I mean really, I should do this a lot more often.  Then I wandered off to the mailbox which is a little more than 1/4 mile away.  I found more moss and lots of little mushrooms.  What fun!  I am really amazed by how much moss is growing everywhere and how many different kinds and colors there are.   IMG_1742

I also found treasures in the mailbox that were quilting related.  I had joined ‘Inner Circle - Online Quilters Club’ through American Patchwork & Quilting and the subscription included a really great book, magazine, a pin and Jo-Ann’s 10% off VIP card.  There are lots of videos and patterns that you can access on their site too.  Well worth the $39.99 for a one year membership, the book alone is $34.99 and the online videos are great to watch at your convenience.  You can find out about it at the All People Quilt website if you are interested.

IMG_1736To make my terrarium I started by adding about an inch of small rock mixed with sand in the bottom of the jar then about 2 inches of soil.  I found some nice pieces of moss on the ground with soil attached and  mossy branches that I added also.  I put my little black frog in there too, though he doesn’t really show in the picture, along with some rocks that I IMG_1735 have collected on fishing trips. 

I have been starting seeds  and have them growing on heating mats in our greenhouse.  I transplanted a little Basil called ‘Pistou’ into a pot for my kitchen window and also an Italian parsley and a chervil.  I cut some branches from different plants in the yard for forcing.  Just bringing the outdoors in until it warm enough for me to go out.   IMG_1743

So much fun without even sewing…who knew?



Karen said...

Your terrarium looks wonderful! So do your plants. I don't usually start getting the itch to sink my hands into the dirt until February. Looking at your pictures and hearing you talk about your outdoor exploration makes me want to start thinking about gardening!

Mom said...

Looks good Ferne!

Nell Jean said...

Your window looks like a great place to grow. The pots are nice, too. Thank you for coming by my blog and commenting so I would know to come here.

Growing Thymes is on Blotanical, but not this one, am I right? I'll add it to my feeds.