Saturday, September 05, 2009

One Really Big Project


IMG_1264 I have not been blogging much lately because we have been busy working on one really big project…we have bought a house and will be spending the next two months working on moving in to it between working at our paying jobs.  It will be a huge change for us from living in a little apartment in the city to a 1600 sq ft house on 3+ acres out in the sticks.  Our neighbors are emu’s and an ostrich aIMG_1308nd we have frequent visits from a herd of deer.  There are fruit trees (deer food) and other beautiful landscape (more deer food).  There are lots of places to go fishing so Michael will be busy scouting those out.  JJ’s Log Cabin Quilt shop is just 2 miles away, but I just found out that they will be moving.  Luckily it won’t be too far and they got a bigger shop with a bigger classroom.  So I will be busy visiting there and signing up for some classes.

This big project is creating lots of other projects so blogging is sort towards the bottom of the list of priorities, but I hope to find time to blog about some of the projects to that I have a record of befores and afters for myself.

Does anyone reading this know of a way to have your blog printed into a book?  I have tried copying pages into Word and doing it myself into a notebook but it would be nice to have a real book with better quality pictures.  So if you know of any could you leave me a comment. 

Thanks for visiting!  and ya’ all come back now ya’ hear!



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Congratulations! What an exciting adventure and journey awaits you!!!