Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Making a House “Your” Home


Now we are painting and yes the wallpaper did come down.  There is still a bit more to remove, but for one days work I’d say we did quite well.  The color we chose was Behr – Oregano Spice.  It goes really well with the brown wood of the cabinets.  There is still one wall that I want to be a different color because it is looking into the laundry room which I have also painted the green.  So I have some sample swatches painted on the wallpaper and after looking at them all weekend I keep thinking that I need something in between the 2 colors I swatched so still a little decision making to do there.

IMG_1415 I really like how my favorite window turned out.  I was going to get rid of the navy blinds, but after putting them up I am really liking the blue with the green.  It’s funny how the things you were sure would have to go when you bought the place change once you actually start living with things.  I am learning not to be so quick to decide that things just have to go.

IMG_1411 One thing I did remove right away was the swinging doors from the kitchen to the hallway.  I felt like the hallway was not used much because it was blocked off by these doors.  The front door is not used much either because of a flow problem with the front yard, but we will work on that when we have more than a weekend.  In the picture below I am trying out more paint swatches on the hall wall.  There is more wallpaper to remove there and maybe I will texture it.  I didn’t texture the kitchen, just painted on the flat wall and I like it but it sure does show any little imperfection in the wall that way.  I am leaning toward a color in between the second color and the third color.  Any tips?


                               Before                                          After


I am really missing my sewing time and I still have a month to go with this crazy schedule of working and living at the apartment then going on a 4 hour drive to the new place to work on that for a few days.  It is fun and exciting, but I am looking forward to setting up my sewing area and making some things for our new home and Christmas which is just around the corner.

With a little Love any house can be a “Home”.



Mom said...

Ferne - From here the swatch in the middle looks good. May not look the same in real life as on the computer though. Anyway that's my opinion

Ivory Spring said...

Ferne, the green looks so inviting@