Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sew Fun

This is my first time to do a Block of the Month. It was a little difficult, but I really enjoyed it. I did the January block, "Stars for a New Day" from the Quilt Show, by Sue Garman. It was a paper piece project and I have done several of these before so I didn't find it too hard though it was a challenging block with a lot of pieces. I am happy with the way it turned out. It is really easy to loose those sharp corners when there are so many, but I think I did pretty good.

I also have still been playing around with the 12" blocks that I am working on using my Michael Miller fabrics and have 2 more to add to my pile. The pink and green one is from the McCall's site where I had gotten the others from the previous post, it is called "Dutch Rose". The blue one is a paper pieced pattern from Carol Doak's website. I have a couple ideas for these, but first I have a few more I want to try. These are blocks that I am using to practice and since they are all from the same line of fabrics I think I am going to be able to piece them together. I am thinking of using white in between them with some different colored blocks in the corners...still working on that one.

Next week I am taking a few days off work and playing at home. I am planning to do a lot of sewing and cleaning and just taking care of things that I have been putting off like getting my car in for it's check up and just maybe I will have some things to add to this blog and my Growing Thymes blog. I want to get my tomato seeds planted and all the heat mats running. I have a big project I would like to work on at the garden also...boy I'm not sure if a few days will be enough. I am signed up for my first quilting class and am looking forward to making some new quilting friends.

I don't spend all my spare time sewing and cleaning...last week I spent a day fishing with Michael and my son Andy at Los Vaqueros. We didn't catch anything until we got off the boat then the guys saw fish near the shore and they caught a few that they released. While they had fun reeling them in I was playing with the camera and just enjoying the scenery. I caught some ground squirrels playing hide and go seek with me, and the beach area was covered with muscle shells. There are such beautiful old oak trees on this property that are home to many varieties of birds. It is a beautiful place and I always find things to photograph when we go.

The weather here in sunny California was exceptionally warm and 'sunny' for this time of year until yesterday when the clouds rolled in and it hasn't stopped raining since. Perfect weather for sewing and cooking. Hopefully we will get a few sunshine breaks next week so that I can get to the garden. That would be the best vacation!

Enjoy your day no matter what the weather!


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Ivory Spring said...

Wow, Ferne... those blocks are beautiful! I love that feather star block. I have always wanted to do a feather star, but so far, I am too chicken to jump right into it. You inspire me to give it a try...