Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, I took my new bag to class, but didn't open it. We spent the first night deciding what projects we would do between now and June. I have to say I am very impressed with this teacher. Rita has been coming to the nursery for a few years now and we always chat a little. She seems so shy and until recently I thought her hobby was gardening. She organizes gardening classes for Adult Ed. One day we got to talking about quilting and she told me she was teaching a quilting class for Adult Ed. I signed up right away and am very glad that I did. Rita is a wealth of information and so are the other ladies in the class I think I am really going to like it there. They are a friendly bunch, I'm not sure how you get much sewing done with so many wonderful people to talk to. Guess I will be doing some homework of the fun kind!

I am about to wrap up my week of Ferne time. It has been great! I still have 2 more days and will spend them having fun with Michael. We actually spent the day together yesterday fishing, not much catching going on if you know what I mean, but the weather was beautiful and there were lots of birds to watch. They actually stocked the lake while we were there and the pelicans were there ready to feed. They are really fun to watch so big and clumsy in an elegant sort of way. One funny observation was that someone planted a tree at the edge of the lake and even ran a water spicket to it. Maybe this was someones weird sense of humor...see the lake is down quite low right now in anticipation of rain so if it does ever rain the little tree will be completely under water and it should never need to be watered being that close to the lake. I like to see our tax dollars being spent so wisely.

Today I went to have my yearly Breast exam...I actually had waited 2 years and after seeing so many blogs and magazines talking about breast awareness I called on Monday and got right in. Everything looks fine, but it is good to have it done. I rewarded myself with a trip to Prairie Queens (a local fabric store). I was good and only got one small bundle of fat quarters to use on my new class project and then one fabric that I have been using and saw it on sale for half off so I bought a whole yard! I actually used it in the feathered star block that I just showed about 2 posts ago. That is a block of the month so now when the next block comes up next week I will be able to tie it in to the first block.

I have too many complicated projects going on and was looking for something fun and easy to work on today so I pulled out this camogirl fabric that I have had for a while. I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture, but the camo part is made up of some very sexy girls (my boys are in their 20's). The boys were trying to think of things for me to make them out of it so I made Rob two pillow cases with a really great pattern by Bari J. It was fast and easy. There are no raw edges when you are done and no hand stitching either. She has a tricky way to get the cuff on without having to hem it later and there are all french seams on the inside so it turns out really nice and neat. I was more impressed with the inside, but Rob likes the outside. There is still more fabric and Michael wants shorts so I will have to see what I can do about that later.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to lunch and a movie. We will probably see the new vampire movie or something romantic and corney. No matter what it will be fun and I am going to hate to have to go back to work. I am still thinking of things I didn't get done, but on the bright side...there is so much I did get done and really had fun doing it!


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