Monday, September 22, 2008

Simply Charming

I was playing around with a new discovery, Charm Packs ( 5X5 inch squares of a line of fabric), and having a lot of fun just laying them next to each other to see what looked good together. I had to make something with them so I got out some books and magazines and things I had printed off the internet. After looking through all this info and brainstorming for hours even in my sleep, I decided to make a little patchwork bag from a Tilda book by Tone Finnigan. It turns out that the bag is just the right size to hold my Charm packs. I hadn't planned it, but it sure is handy since they tend to get lost in my other stash. I am thinking of making the little bag to hold some sewing supplies so I made a pin cushion to match and am working on a plan for another such bag to have a pin cushion and needle book to go with it. I filled my heart pin cushion with a little recipe that I made up containing Ground walnut hulls, rice and lavender. It is just the right weigh and smells good too! More charming little bags and pin cushions to come I think.

While researching things for this project I also came across a fun blog called Hugs from Helen. Helen has brought together some fellow designer bloggers that have each designed a project with a free tutorial. She then posts a hint and a link to where you can visit the blog and print out the tutorial. I found some really cute projects that might make some fun little gifts just in time for the holidays! Several I will have to make for myself. There were 2 cute bags with some simple embroidery by May Britt and Cinderberry Stitches. Both of these ladies have wonderful blogs with lots of fun tutorials and great ideas. There are lots more too, so be sure to check it out if you are on the hunt for some great quick little gift items to make for someone else or just for you! I use the excuse that I am practicing to make a gift for me...I've been getting a lot of practice lately.

Hope you have a simply charming day!


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Anonymous said...

What a charming bag for your charm packs - I like the colors, Ferne!