Friday, September 05, 2008

A Great Day!

Yesterday was a really great day. First I got to go to a quilt shop that I have heard a lot about, but never been to. Since it was on the way to our fishing spot of the day we stopped in and looked around. The shop was called In Between Stitches and it was really nice. They had so many great fabric lines and nice sale prices. The staff was very friendly and helpful and I was having way too much fun finding things that I might need someday. I first heard about this store on Pam Kitty Morning's blog and am so glad to have found it. I will be going back! Thanks Pam!

I found another blog today that was a really fun blog and so full of fun ideas. It is called Patchwork Pottery by Laurraine Yuyama designs a lot of quilt and fabric things. Laurraine also has an etsy shop where she sells a lot of the little teacup bags and other cute things she makes. I am loving all the coffee and tea things and the cute little trivets, one is a bee hive and the other is a nest. I am thinking I would like to try this and I think she is making a pattern so I will be checking back to see. This lady is so crafty with fabric that she makes pincushions that look like books and even cupcakes. There is no end to what a crafter will try to create!

Yesterday after the trip to the fabric store Michael and I went fishing at a favorite spot of ours Las Vaqueros where we made some great catches. First we caught a nice trout with a little tag which won us a free 1/2 day boat rental. Then we caught a 10 + pound stripper that took me about a half and hour to bring in. It really was exciting! We thought the stripper was so beautiful that he needed to live at least another day so we put him back in the lake.

I have become quite fascinated with the amount of 'jewelry' that fishermen carry in their tackle boxes. Michael even wears this necklace that has lots of little tools attached to it, I think I need something like this for sewing. Everything just pops off when he needs it. There is some real colorful stuff in his tool box. I have questioned whether or not the fish really care about all this colorful flashy stuff only to be told that, of course they do, it attracts them you see. Yesterday we caught our best catches on some pretty plain lures with no flashy things I have concluded that the jewelry is more for the fishermen than the fish, but I am also very attracted to it so maybe it is to help them catch a good fisher woman. Hmmm we will have to do a little more research on this topic I'm sure.

Happy Crafting, Fishing or Blogging...or all three!


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Ivory Spring said...

Good morning, Ferne!

It's great to hear from you - thanks for the sweet comment you had left on my quilt.

I have been learning to do heirloom sewing on and off hoping that we would have a daughter (eventually!) :)

Wow - what a big fish!!! I don't think I have ever seen a bigger fish in my whole life!