Thursday, April 03, 2008

Feeling Crafty

I am feeling the urge to start a new project so I will start with a blog post. Since it has been about a month since I posted last, that tells me that posting is a project in itself. I have been very busy with work. It seems Spring has shown itself here and that gets everyone wanting to plant, but Spring here always teases us for a while. It was in the 70's for about 2 weeks then just the other night temps dipped below 40 and froze the basil, some of the marigolds and some coleus. So we will proceed with caution in the garden.

I did manage to finish the fish quilt. It is bound and ready to use. It was a lot of fun and while not does pass my inspection for something that I plan to use a lot, later in the year. It is the perfect size for using on the couch.

Now I am searching for a new sewing project and have several in mind. Since I am so busy this time of year at work I know that I need to keep it small and simple...something to work on a little in the evening...

I am thinking of doing a table runner that I saw in the new Fons & Porter Easy Quilts magazine. I got a subscription to this magazine when I subscribed to Quilter's Club of America. It was a really great package deal where I get to watch all kinds of quilt programs via the internet at QNN TV and also recieved free samples of pins, thread and a discount card at JoAnn Fabrics among many others. I have been enjoying several of the quilting programs already and love that I can watch them on my own time schedule. So while Michael is watching fishing programs or football I can watch quilting and everyone is happy!

We are going to moving to a bigger apartment just across the street in the next 2 weeks and my son Rob will be moving in with us for a while. Moving shouldn't be too big of a job (Ha!), but it will be a change for us all. It will be nice to have a little more room though. One more thing to keep us busy for a while. It is forcing us to get our seedlings in the garden and go through all of our things and re-evaluate their importance...there is a little purging going on and what better time to do this then Spring!


Lisa said...

What a wonderful fish quilt. So creative. I love all the fun blocks.

Good luck with your impending move. That's always tough especially when you want to still do crafting at the same time.

Knot Garden said...

The fish quilt looks like a lot of fun. The colours are perfect for summer! Good luck with the move:)