Thursday, May 24, 2007

Enjoying the Peace and Beauty of Nature!

A day of enjoying nature! This was actually taken last week at Shadow Cliff. It was a fun and relaxing day with the greatest weather. I haven't taken any pictures to show this week so am falling back on last weeks collection. We caught only one fish, but had a fun little hike. This heron was enjoying the sunshine and later we saw him catch a fish.

I love playing with the rocks while sitting and waiting for a possible catch. I love the way they look in the water and always want to take them home, but they are never quite the same after they dry off so I decided to just stage my favorites of the day together into a photo and then leave them there for someone else to find and enjoy later.

I did make it to the garden Saturday with my camera in hand. Things are growing quite nicely and soon (I hope) there will be tomatoes and basil ready to enjoy...can't taste buds are dancing already and my head is spinning with ideas of all the different ways to enjoy them. The showiest part of my garden right now though is all the flowers. Here is a new dianthus called "Supra Purple" and a dwarf guara that is doing quite nicely and attracting all sorts of beneficial insects to my garden. Sort of an organic pesticide and pretty too!

I have been working on my cushion covers for my couch and should be done soon. With working extra hours on my paying job this project has been put on hold quite often, but I might be able to finish it in the next 2 days then will post a picture. They are going together surprisingly well and I am most excited because this project is the first time that I have actually made my own bias tape and piping and I am very pleased with how neat it looks. I am also making up my own pattern so this is especially exciting for me. So check back soon when I am ready to show it off!

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