Thursday, April 12, 2007

Meet Theresa and Nathan!

There are a few people who have become important in my son, Andy's life and I would like to introduce them to the other members of my family who check out my blog occasionally...they are Theresa and her son, Nathan. They have all been spending a lot of time together and having fun. Philina and I colored eggs with them last week and got a chance to meet Theresa's Mom...a good time was had by all! One little guy ended up with more color on him than some of the eggs.

I met a little friend on my deck this morning hiding in my bay tree. He is furry and black with white spots. A little frightening when you are not expecting him, but I didn't kill him. I hope he is taking care of things out there and that our paths will not cross again.
I have not been having much time for working on craft projects, but have found some fun things on other people's blogs this past week. Cherry Menlove is selling some cute t-shirts on her site...very simple with some cute sayings on of which I hope to be wearing one day soon. I found a fun project that I just might try making, fabric covered thumb tacks. The tutorial for these is about half way down the page on this link. They look like a fun addition for my bulletin board which has to reside in my living room because of a lack of space in my one bedroom apartment. If this works I will take some pictures and post them. That is all that I have to share for now! Hope you are enjoying all that life has to offer at this point in time!

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