Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pictures for Anastacia's Mom

Anastacia is a co-worker of mine who is hard working and very creative. She designed an area for the cactus and succulents that we ordered together. She had a lot of fun with it and wanted to share it with her Mom who is in Iraq so I am posting the pictures here in hopes that her Mom can take a look at just one of the wonderful things her daughter is doing while she is gone. This is a woman a little older than me who is dedicated to serving our country and this is not the first time. I would like to thank her with all my heart and say that I admire her dedication and am hoping and praying that she will soon be done with this part of her life and come home to spend time with her friends and family that are missing her . I hope that when she does come home I will get to meet her and thank her in person.

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