Monday, March 12, 2007

Everything's coming up Tomatoes!

The tomato plants are all growing and soon could be taking over the apartment. The weather has been so beautiful though that they will soon be able to leave us and go to their new homes in our garden plots. We are growing about 12 varieties this year and only one pepper that we have had as a favorite for a few years. We call the pepper 'Kappa Yappi', not sure if that is it's real name, but we save seeds from it every year and grow more the next year. Most of our tomatoes are grown from our own seeds also, but we do like to order new ones too. I order the vegetables for the nursery where I work so I try some of those every year too...I get excited just thinking about growing all those vegetables and herbs. I like to try to create whole meals that are about 80% from my garden. I would love to live on a small farm where I could have chickens and fruit trees and big wonderful gardens...a dream I have had for a very long time. Maybe one day that will be possible, but for now I will grow whatever I can where I am planted!

Hope this little gnome brings lots of good luck to my future harvest! I see a freezer full of tomato sauce in my future...the garlic is already growing now I just need some basil.

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