Saturday, June 27, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage on a Hot day


It has been extremely hot here in Northern California lately so after do some early watering yesterday I decided to spend the rest of the day inside sewing something fun.  I had gotten the Farm Girl Vintage book by Lori Holt a while ago, but not made anything yet mostly because I just couldn’t decide on any one thing.  I love the way Lori writes and illustrates her patterns and this book did not disappoint.  I had seen how Lori had pieced 4-6” pear blocks and I just had to try my hand at it.  Picking fabrics was fun, but I can see I needed a green with more contrast.  I have an idea to fix that with the quilting by using a darker green thread and outlining a leaf pattern on it.  The background I thought I wanted was white, but I seem to be lacking fabric in that department so I settled on this brownish grey and am quite pleased.


I had lots of fun playing with some tools I have not used much yet such as the Alphabitties that proved to be so helpful since there were many pieces involved and the sizes on some only varied by 1/4” so they were hard to tell apart.  I also had some batting boards I made a while back using Lori’s pattern.  I still need to add the colorful binding to some, but they are just as useful without.


There were many angles to sew and I remembered that I had purchased an angler in the past.  Once I located it I found that I had really bought 2!  Good thing I remembered where they were or I may have been tempted to buy another one…

Now that this block is finished and with the 4 together I made a 12” finished block I am thinking I could pick some more from the book and make a runner for my buffet.

Farm Girl Vintage is really my style!


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Karen said...

I saw the pear blocks on another blog earlier today. Yours are very nice. I am impressed with the blocks for this quilt.