Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mystery Cat Quilt


My latest piecing project was picked out by my cat.  It really was.  I was cleaning up files on my computer and printed out a few of the patterns I had downloaded at sometime or other and deleted things I couldn’t figure out why I had saved.  Now there is room for lots more!  I printed this pattern out and laid it on my quilting table among others and my cat kept laying on it.  It was a mystery quilt so the finished picture was on the last page, just so you know my cat didn’t know what he was picking out.  I wanted a small project to work on after spending a lot of time trying to decide on a pattern to use for making a quilt for my queen size bed which is a big project.  So I decided to give my brain a break and quilt this one up.  I got some really great fabric advice from the guy in the house and had a lot of fun putting this together.  I am thinking it will be lots of fun to quilt as well.  It measures 36”X36” so it is a really nice manageable size.  Originally I was going to put it in the cat bed, but I think I will hang it on the wall and ask my cat to pick which pattern I should use for my bed quilt…he obviously has good quilt sense!

IMG_1201 I decided that I need some new gardening aprons with spring just around the corner and thinking this little paper pieced project will be a pocket on my next one.  I use these a lot at work and home because I have to carry a walkie talkie and a phone all the time so the pockets work great.  I posted a little tutorial for this apron on this blog and refer to it all the time.  I have IMG_2796accumulated lots of cute garden fabrics and I line them with cheap flannel which gives them just the right weight and makes them a little absorbent which is helpful with all the watering I do in the spring and summer.  The best part is that they wash up really nice, and you know I am bound to get a little dirty!  I work in a nursery and then garden a lot at home so there is always dirt in my fingernails and on my knees.  Speaking of which the sun is shining finally and the temps are raising a little, all that and a day off work is making me ready to go out and play in the dirt or the compost or the greenhouse or all of the above.  So not much sewing going on today.

Enjoy the sun when you can!IMG_2776




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