Sunday, November 25, 2012

Catching up on my Rows


IMG_1082 IMG_1085

I finished Rows 5 and 6 yesterday except for the edges at the top and bottom, they are cut and will just take a few minutes to add on.  Since I was almost out of bobbin thread I decided this was a good place to stop for the day  I can’t believe I made that many little flying geese!  Lori’s method really worked there was very little trimming to do and they were mostly perfect.  I can’t say they were all perfect but, definitely close enough to work.  I made an extra mug without knowing it and I put the handle on the wrong side of one so I am holding on to it for a future mug rug.  These all went so fast, I actually sewed together the geese in the morning, they were already made and trimmed the day before, then I went on a shopping trip to Walmart which was surprisingly empty, came home and planted about 100 bulbs, cut and sewed all the mugs and it wasn’t even 9:00 yet.  Since I live in outer Mongolia a trip to Walmart is no short jaunt and sometimes turns into an all day trip so I was surprised it wasn’t dark yet and that I still had time for planting bulbs when we got home…all thanks to the short lines at Walmart.

The next row is a row of leaves which seems so appropriate since this is the view from my cutting table right now.  I am trying not to think about the work that comes when they all fall, though I did discover that the blower we have in the garage is not as noisy as most and I might just find it quite useful and it vacuums too so that might make cleaning up those leaves a whole lot easier!  IMG_1086 

I just remembered that I need to make a Christmas runner for my buffet and finish quilting my Christmas table topper…guess those leaves will have to wait!

Keep sewing along!


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PamKittyMorning said...

So funny, I have a wrong mug as well, although I'm leaving it in. I guess I'm going to think of it as the friendly mugs facing each other.

I think I'll head over and grab some of those bulbs as well, I love them and always regret that I don't plant in the fall when I see all the pretty flowers others have. Happy holidays!