Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I’m Out in the Garden

IMG_0646 Not much sewing going on here and not much blogging either.  Between working extra hours and playing around in the garden I don’t have much time or energy for anything else.  But, I am thoroughly enjoying myself!  My tomatoes are growing better than any I have ever grown before and so it most everything else.  It has been said many times around here that is because of spending close to $1000 on organic fertilizers and soils, I think that would be an exaggeration, but I am not looking into it because I’m sure the dollar amount is high.  At any rate I might be missing in action here, but can always be found here…


and sometimes I am swearing at the little critters that are causing this…


thank goodness all my raised beds are now lined with gopher wire.

Yes, I am getting lots of gratification from my little Potager and hopefully soon I can start eating the fruits of my labor.  Right now we have sugar snap peas and fava beans with strawberries on the way any day!

I may not be sewing, but am finding inspiration for future projects all around me!


Now you know where I can be found!



Anonymous said...
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Fern Spackman said...

Hello! I'm so glad I came across your site while surfing on some other quilt related blogs. My name is Fern, too, and it's so great to meet another Ferne interested in nature and quilting. I also have a blog if you're interested in stopping by, tho I blog about things other than quilting (art, nature photography and the like).

I look forward to reading more of your posts!
: ) Fern