Monday, January 02, 2012

Building Fabric Houses

IMG_0404I was ready and willing to jump on the house building bandwagon and sew a little (3”) house block every day for the year, but that is a little unrealistic of a goal for a me and after trying to make just one, I had to give it up.  There must be an easy way to do this, but I haven’t found it yet.  I love house blocks though and remembered that I had a quilt top started last year that had some really fun house blocks.  I have made a few but have about IMG_0405 15 left to do so I pulled the project out during the holiday after all my gifts were made and dusted it of.  After I figured out what I had already done and what I still needed to do I made myself a plan and got to work.  First step is to finish the center section, which I am now more than half done with, then comes 3 borders and finally I can get back to building houses.  The pattern is Around the Block by The Rabbit Factory.  I had admired this on another blog several years ago and ordered the pattern intending to whip it out and hang it on my wall.  Good intentions, but IMG_0403 things didn’t quite work that way.  I jumped ahead and started making houses and a church and some trees.  A new project came along and this one got shelved, but I am thrilled with how it is coming out now.  Sometimes you just need some time away to come back with fresh eyes and new ideas.  I believe that having WIPs is beneficial to the finished project.   When you come back to it you have new ideas and more experience, if I push myself to just finish something I don’t put my heart into it I just hurry up and get it done and don’t enjoy the process.   I have a lot of ideas brewing for things I want to do, some are not even sewing projects, where I want to take my time and enjoy the process.  They will get done sooner or later!

Enjoy the process!



ZudaGay said...

Sometimes it is good to put something away and come back to it later. This is going to be beautiful!!

Mom said...

It sure looks good so far, Ferne