Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Quilting Break?


Last week the wind blew and it rained, hailed and snowed…not really gardening weather, but great for staying indoors.  Well I was indoors for 6 IMG_2865 days and cabin fever never set in except for the little cabins I was piecing for a really cute quilt by The Rabbit Factory called Around the Block.  I am starting this pattern backwards, I should be making the middle, but I wanted to get right to those cute house blocks.  I am making 2 identical blocks at a time because I think I could use tIMG_2864hem in so many other projects like table runners, mug rugs, pillow toppers and who knows what  else I will think up.  They are sure fun to make! If you look close at the fabric in the tree you will see that it is a print of cabbage leaves and I thought it added a lot of texture to the little trees.  I am pulling all these fabrics out of my newly organized stash.  Having just organized it was a great idea because I found fabrics I forgot I had and now it is all fresh on my mind. 

IMG_2862 Well after a couple days of sewing and playing with fabrics and a little cooking and baking thrown in I got an urge to tackle an idea I’ve had in my head for a while.  Ever since I moved in to this house I have wanted to paint a tree on a wall so I got out a pencil and started drawing then collected all my paints together and just got started.  I figured that if I didn’t like it I could always just paint over it.  We just applied for a fictitious name for our new little orchard we are about to plant so this helped inspire my project.  We are growing lots of varieties of fruit trees so my painted fruit tree is sort of a fruit cocktail tree.  I am painting plums, apples and pears in it.  What a fun IMG_2863 project to do on a freezing couple of days while you are dreaming of warmer weather to come.  Oh, our little home has become “Humminbird Farmz”…and maybe someday we will be able to sell some of the fruits of our labor, for now though we are enjoying the process of getting it all together.

Cabin Fever can be a good thing!



Linda said...

Love the tree!! I especially like the hummingbird feeder. Nice touch! I can't wait to see some hummingbirds around here!!

Mom said...

Ferne - I LOVE this tree! I'm so proud of how talented you are. I know you got some of that from your mother (I HOPE)