Monday, May 24, 2010

Growing Going on

IMG_2115I don’t have much sewing, but a lot of growing going on here at the moment.  My sons and Michael just removed some juniper bushes for me creating a very large space that I get to garden in.  I used to call it the ‘Secret Garden’ because it was completely encircled with huge junipers.  Now it has gone public so it will need a new name and a lot of new plants.  The area is much larger than it looks in the picture measuring in at 37’ X 40’ and there are a lot of iris that I plan to move to other locations.  It is very sunny there with a little afternoon shade, but not much.  I am dreaming of all sorts of colorful perennials like salvias, rudbeckia, arctotis, and much much more.   So I guess I am making a flower quilt in my mind right now, but not for long.  I have a wedding quilt to start working on soon and the fabric that I ordered for it just arrived last week.  It is for my son and his soon to be wife.  I asked for color ideas and she picked beautiful dark jewel tones and lots of black.  I have been playing with some ideas in EQ6 and have come up with several great ideas.  Now if I could just plan my garden plot in EQ6…hmmm…now that’s a thought!Garden - May 11, 2010

After a very long cold winter we finally planted our vegetable garden.   I had a lot of fun designing the layout for that.  It is sort of formal looking and quite different.  We used the old satelite dish in the center as a gopher cage.  It is 10’ across and is now my herb garden.  Then we made 8 boxes lined with gopher wire and dug them in to border the herb garden.  We have 31 tomatoes planted in them and some peppers and basil.  There are 2 more beds to plant and the seeds are growing in the green house for much more.

Keep the growin’ goin’  on!


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Candace said...

Your garden is wonderful, Ferne! And here I was complaining about how much space we have and how tired I got building my raised beds - I don't have a 10th of what you have! We should compare gardens throughout the summer!