Saturday, June 30, 2007

After the Birthday

After the relaxing birthday I celebrated with friends and family. My best friend from high school came down from Washington with her family. They were really here to check out a college for their daughter, but the bonus was that we got to meet up for dinner and a few visits. We had a great get together at Chevys with both my sons and Therisa and Nathan and my sister. Philina. A great time was had by all and alot of years of catching up was done. The best thing about best friends is that you can pick right up where you left off whenever you get together. Have to love that!

After all the visiting was done and I downloaded all the pictures I realized that I didn't get pictures of my friends, Jana, Dave and Kristen. I was seated in a spot that was hard to capture them with my camera and we were so busy visiting that time just slipped by and I forgot the whole picture thing. Sorry guys! I promise you will all make it on my blog next time and there will be a next time! I got pictures of the boys because they were all right across from me and looking just so cute don't you think. I am mostly posting these for my Mom in Florida so that she can see her grown up grandsons and little Nathan.

The birthday is not over little sister is taking me to Hawaii in a few weeks for a 'just the girls' trip...she is the queen of planning. I must have taught her well because she has lists and an itinerary and not a detail has been missed. I am really looking forward to you can bet I will have more pictures to share. I really have to learn how to do collages with my photoshop program so I can show more in less space. There are lots of great tools out there to show slide shows on your web page and all sorts of things. Guess I will have to figure some of these out.

I also spent a day at the garden recently and am working on a collage for my next post because I did get some great pictures of my future tomatoes. They are all green , but ripening up. I got some nice Black Cherry tomatoes, but I ate them while I was gardening. I can't wait for the day when I can actually have my garden right in my backyard. Now I am gardening in a community garden and drive about 5 miles to get there so I need to stock my car with lots of carrying containers for my future harvest because it looks like there are going to be a lot of tomatoes. Peppers just don't get very big in this plot for some reason, but the tomatoes and basil do well and those are my favorites anyway. I'll leave you with a peek at my favorite juicy tomatoes basking in the sun, Giant Red Zebras.

Just one more note for any of my blogging friends with an opinion about sewing machines...I am thinking about getting a new machine and am feeling soooo confused about which one I want. I have owned a Singer since I got out of high school...about 30 years ago now. I have loved it and sewn many projects on it including my own wedding dress. But, while it still sews fine there is a lot it doesn't do and it may be time to upgrade. I want to be able to make buttonholes with ease and a few embroidery stitches would be good. I need a machine that I can sew some thick layers of fabric together since I have taken up a little quilting and am always having to hem jeans (I am a little short), Anyway, I am looking at this Singer Quantum CE200. I love the shape and for the money it does more than I was looking for. It can embroider designs from my computer which I didn't think I wanted, but it could open up new doors for my sewing projects.

I will stop rambling and wait for opinions. Thanks!

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Knot Garden said...

I don't know anything about this particular machine, but if you are going to use it for quilting, I would only say don't forget to make sure it has a walking foot attachment for straight line quilting, and a foot suitable for free-motion quilting with a dropped feed. Everything else is a bonus:)