Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Lazy Day of Fishing

Some fishing days are just plain 'Lazy Days'. This was actually a picture from one of those kind of days last week. The fish weren't biting and the only thing to do was watch the birds and keep changing the bait to see if you could find the one thing they might want to eat today. The pelicans were busy and I observed them eating a few fish so I knew they were there. It was a little cold so they were probably not feeling too hungary. I had my coffee to keep my warm and a chair to take a break in once in a while. That was all I needed to make me content. I did a little walking around and taking pictures of some of what I was observing in nature.

Quarry Lake has a lot of really neat rocks being that it was once a rock quarry. They look even more beautiful when they are wet so I tried to shoot some pictures of them. I was finding the little finches pretty entertaining as they were flitting back and forth in this tree seeming to land first on one branch then another. I guess they were eating something, but I'm not sure what it was.

It really was a wonderful lazy day! So much to much to do...the whole day to do it!

We have recently aquired a few new fish for our aquarium. We are trying our hand a Cichlids. They are so much more colorful and interesting than the platys we had before. The platys had given birth several times in our tank which was really fun to watch, but the last batch was getting old and dying off so we decided to switch to something different. I'm not sure if you can see the little blue guy in the picture since the flash made a bit of a glare on the glass, but the colors are pretty intense. We also have some bright yellow ones and orange ones and several blue striped ones. These fish are from Africa and will get a little larger than the platys we had before they also have more personality so they are really fun to watch.

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